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Feeling Sentimental

I have always like that word, sentimental. It evokes feelings of beating my grandma in Scrabble. It reminds me of Junior year of High School when my girlfriend dumped me, so I mean there’s also that. If ever…

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Holiday Checklist

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday was Halloween and you had a full two months to get the house decorated for the December Holiday rush? Well here we are, in future times, and the house isn’t presentable at all…

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F is For Family

There is one very strong memory that I have carried with me for a long time. My mom was away, and my dad took my older brother and I to a movie, and it was dark out and…

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Things to Look for When Buying a Home

You’ve done it, after years of saving you are finally ready to look for a house. Becoming a homeowner is a massive rite of passage for many Americans. The problem is that no one really teaches you what…

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How to Give Back This Season

It’s that time of year again, pumpkin spice lattes are being bought and sold like time travelers buying crypto-currency. The air is crisp and cold, and no one is going to the gym because it is cuddling weather….

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Time to Dress Up the House and Scare Kids

Maybe Halloween isn’t exactly your ideal holiday, but you must admit, it is the second-best holiday as a kid. Think about it. What other holiday can I, a child, dress up as a superhero and demand candy from…

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Closet Calamity: How to Reclaim Your Closet

Ever notice that your walk-in closet, just runs out of space for no reason? Maybe the door to your closet won’t stay closed? Maybe it feels basically every day that there is more and more junk taking up…

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Boat Maintenance: What Even is That

Boat in Water

Growing up, my best friend’s dad was a boat owner. Some of my fondest memories are going out to the lake and fishing or having boat parties. I wasn’t a cool kid growing up, so these were never…

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Cities vs Suburbs: Battle for Generations

Beautiful view of house in the evening of sunset

How many times growing up were you told that cities were impossibly crime ridden or that suburbs were boring? Not that many? Just me then. To say that I moved around a lot would be a lie, but…

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Raising a Baby in a One Bedroom Apartment

Baby in a walker

Fun story, my sister just had a kid. Well I guess that’s not true, cause Aya is about 4 months now; also, that isn’t much of a story. More of a fact if I am going to be…

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