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First Apartment Guide

man handing keys to apartment over

If you’re just starting out into the real world, renting an apartment is by far one of the most important milestones toward adulthood. Whether you’ve just graduated from college or you’ve finally landed your dream career, getting your…

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Five Festivals to Look Forward to in Naples

three course meal featuring pasta and charcutery board

With the summer just out of reach, it can be tempting to want to go abroad; to maybe see how the northern states fair in the heat. Truth be known though there is a lot to do to…

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Why is Your Home Value Underrated?

property value leap frog

If you are a first time home buyer, you may not be sure about the actual value of your home. Sure, there you may have some figures from a quantity surveyor or your real estate agent.  Yet, you…

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The 5 Best Restaurants in Parrish

two beautiful women eating sandwiches

Who hasn’t been at the point where defrosting a tray of frostbitten chicken nuggets seems disgusting? That feeling is only compounded when you know for a fact that there is a whole world of delicious and affordable food…

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What Comes after Graduation?

silohette of graduating seniors tossing caps into air

Now that you’ve attended your high school or college graduation, it’s time to figure out what comes next. While this can be an exciting time for graduates, it can also be a  stressful one. Planning ahead is essential…

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6 Fun Things to Do in Tampa Metro

The sun is out and shining, well most of the time, and it is important to take advantage of the time. Now that the storm clouds have finally stopped blocking the sun most of the days of the…

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6 Effective Ways to Declutter Your Car’s Interior

Once you finished decluttering your house, it’s time to turn your attention to your car. Yes, you read that right. While we often associate our homes with clutter, our cars are often just as messy and sometimes even…

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5 Steps to Tidy Up Your Life

Unless you are someones who actually enjoys spring cleaning, the thought of tidying up your home can be unpleasant. After all, who wants to be stuck indoors when the sunshine is inviting you outside? Following a few good…

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How to Prepare for a Hurricane

When it comes to serious natural disasters, hurricanes are among the ranks of some of the most dangerous. Hurricanes are typically active through the warmer months of the year due to rapidly rising water temperatures that create an…

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Four Festivals to Wait for in Fort Myers

Fort Myers, a city that tends to be overrun by spring breakers going wild and destroying the peace that otherwise dominates the landscape. What is often forgotten is the myriad of festivals to look forward to, large and…

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