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How You Should Be Using Your Hall Closet

A hall closet has so many benefits and should be utilized in the most efficient and productive way. This space is fantastic for extra or bulky items that you have no other space for in your home, but…

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5 Must Have Home Office Tips

If you find yourself with an extra room, you work from home or use a home office to perform daily tasks, it’s important that your space allows for optimum productivity. With so many things happening today, it’s easy…

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Decluttering – Five Questions When Starting Out

minimal household

Take a look around your home – what do you see? Piles of mail, heaps of shoes, areas just full of stuff. If so, then you know it is time to start decluttering. However, decluttering can seem to…

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Minimalism – An Introduction

minimalist living room

Minimalism – it’s a word that you may have heard here and there. But what does it actually mean? Getting rid of most of your possessions? Going off grid? Or simply tidying up your home? Minimalism can actually…

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The Top 3 Reasons Your House Isn’t Clean

man in messy house

Do you ever feel like those mice in a maze? No matter how hard you work at it, your house stays a mess.  You feel like you work on it all the time, yet it’s a disaster again…

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Now for the Hard Part

isolated house in winter

Holiday season is officially over, there are no major holidays left for quite some time and life is slowly starting to come back to some semblance of normalcy. Kids are going back to college or to the homes…

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Your Storage Needs and You

climate controlled self storage units

One of the biggest questions in the storage game is when to get storage, and the answer is always the same. You should get storage when you need space. This is pretty much the only time in storage…

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Organizing the Space You Need

organized personal space

Whether you wanted it or not, you have stepped into a war with organization, and it is time we get to taking out that problem one by one. Your storage unit. From what we can gather, it is…

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Feeling Sentimental

had over hand heart

I have always like that word, sentimental. It evokes feelings of beating my grandma in Scrabble. It reminds me of Junior year of High School when my girlfriend dumped me, so I mean there’s also that. If ever…

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Holiday Checklist

over decorated christmas house

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday was Halloween and you had a full two months to get the house decorated for the December Holiday rush? Well here we are, in future times, and the house isn’t presentable at all…

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