Portable Storage: Securing Your Things Without Leaving Your House

Container storage

Because of my life-long desire for comfort, I am very much a fan of things that come to me – especially when it’s stuff like food and clothes. In recent years, storage has started to take up this trend as well with new portable storage solutions. Here are a few things you should know about portable storage.

Your Luggage May Have Shifted During the Flight

Carry on luggages in flight

It’s probably my favorite thing to hear after landing in a plane. Of course your luggage may have shifted, we were just propelled through the air at hundreds of miles per hour. A similar sentiment needs to be applied to what you put in storage, not because it is going to careen through the sky, but because stuff shifts. Think about the number of times grocery bags shift on the drive home. Now imagine that, but it’s your couch. Not what you want, I’d imagine. Be sure to secure everything while loading. You don’t want all your things to shatter when you try to access them later.

Not All Containers Are Made Equally

climate controlled self storage units

I know it seems obvious, but not every storage company uses the same containers, and some companies don’t take the care necessary to make sure your belongings are protected from the rain. You know, the one kind of weather that is guaranteed to happen in any climate zone with little warning and dubious signs of severity. When selecting your portable storage needs, make sure that waterproofing is something that the container offers. Right up there with the couch tipping over in transit is it coming back covered in mold and mildew.

Load Fast to Avoid Hop Ons

Insect in a lawn

The longer the unit stays open or on your property the more likely it is that insects make their way into the unit. Want to know the best way to take care of an ant problem? Don’t have ants to begin with. Be sure to load everything that you want to load quickly, and get that storage unit of your lawn as soon as you can. It might also hurt your lawn, so make doubly sure to get that thing off your lawn.


Flowers with bee on it

Yup, fees. Always check the fine print of everything you sign, especially when it’s about money. Read through everything to make sure that you know what your ultimate monthly cost will be, check for any transportation or delivery fees and don’t be afraid to shop around for the best price. The huge national changes often subsidize their low posted costs with sizable hidden fees like delivery or storage – storage of the unit that you are already renting from them, it’s a double whammy.

Portable storage is a great solution, especially if you are fixing to move across the country – or even out of it – but be sure to find the right company for you. Identify the things that you find most important and be sure that the provider can give them to you, there is nothing quite so bad as storage related buyer’s remorse. Except maybe being mauled by a bear. That’s probably worse. Nope, definitely worse.

If you are looking for a portable storage solution near you, or just don’t really know where to begin, try starting with your local self-storage center.

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