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I have written my fair share about places that surround Tampa, I’ve written a couple of times that if you run out of things to do in those towns that Tampa is just a short drive away. This will be the first time that I have written about what sorts of things you can do in Tampa, and why it is that I can consistently point to it and say, “Look! Things to do!” That changes today, because today I am going to talk about a few of the things to do in Tampa. Really just the ones that really speak to me, but hey. A couple of them might seem fun to you to.

Busch Gardens

Baby Underwater Hippo

Is it cheating to start with a theme park? I don’t think so, if any of the surrounding towns had permanent roller coaster installations, believe me when I say I would write about them. Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park, which for the United States is unheard of in a way. What does this mean for the consumer? Pronouncing the name of the next ride will be a bit of a challenge, but what’s life without a challenge. I for one would check out Sheikra a floorless dive coaster or for a more relaxing experience the Skyride – that way I can see some of the animals the park boasts.

Adventure Island

Snorkeling with Tropical Fish

Look, I don’t get to write about amusement parks that much, so please. Let me enjoy this. I mean, yes. Adventure island is a park you only get to enjoy a couple months out of the year, but that doesn’t make it less of an attraction. Water parks are awesome on their face. They are only made better with slides like Vanish Point, their newest attraction that puts riders into a free fall. Straight down. It’s cool, and you’re in a glass case of emotion, so you can watch as your friends disappear, and the other way around. Of course, it also has lazy rivers and more kid-friendly attractions. What water park doesn’t have a kiddie pool or two to let you recoup after a freefall?

Ybor City

Ybor City Entry Way

Don’t think I have ever really written about nightlife, other than saying it exists. Well, Ybor City is a small district in Tampa and it is where the popular nightlife is. You’ve got bars, you’ve got clubs, you’ve got live music, and a couple of free wandering chickens. The food is to die for, and A walk down 7th Avenue in the historic neighborhood of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida, engages all the senses. From the scent of roasting coffee, sights of towering palm trees, and sounds of Latin music evokes a dream-like experience.


People visiting Aquarium

I have a soft spot, I like writing about animals, and that is no less true now. The Florida aquarium Boasting the largest collection of marine life in Florida – apart from the actual ocean. Exhibits range from Wetlands Trail – heavily featuring river life – to Ocean Commotion – starring the creatures from the briny deep. If you’d rather not see water creatures, oddly that is possible in this aquarium by way of the Journey to Madagascar exhibit.

Whatever the flavor of your mood might be, there is an activity to suit your interests. Whether that be a night on the town, or magically disappearing down a dark wet tube, the adventures are endless. Finally, when I say that, “there’s plenty to do in nearby Tampa,” I will have something to point to say, “that’s what I mean.”

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